The prestigious Idit Fellowship program - at the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Haifa is a flagship research program - aimed at providing the support and opportunities to enable an elite and select group of PhD students to become future leaders in   social science research. The program is jointly funded by the Advanced Studies Authority and by the faculty.


The goals of the Idit program are to boost levels of training, research, and teaching to an international and competitive level, comparable to that of leading international institutions. Special emphasis is put on applied computational social science methods.

What we're looking for

Fellowship guidelines and requirements at the University of Haifa

What we offer

If you think you could be a successful candidate, here’s how to apply:

Upload all of the following documents by 18.7.2024 using the submission form below

Deadline for Submissions: 18.7.2024 (July, 18th , 2024)

Applications are now open

Interviews will take place in July 2024. Final decisions will be made by September 2024.