Program Director

Prof. Anna Brook

Geography and Environmental Studies, Director of Idit 
Image and signal processing, automation target recognition, sub-pixel detection, and spectral models across NIR-MIR regions
Current Research: Multi-scale and multi-sensor data fusion, machine learning for geoscience and environmental research 

Idit PhD Scholars

Fourth Year Members

Shulamit Nussboim 

Basin hydrology,  transport processes of contaminants, evaporation from lakes 
PhD Research: The fate of agrochemicals in a Mediterranean agricultural basin
Advisor: Prof. Lea Wittenberg

Avishai Zacharia

Self-conscious emotions, behavior analysis, intergroup conflicts 
PhD Research: Inducing prosocial behavior between groups using behavior interventions by utilizing social emotions as motivating operations.
Advisor: Dr. Keren Sharvit

Danielle Yusufov 

Media work, media memory, journalistic practices, gender theories, qualitative research methods
PhD Research: Work practices and experiences of women media workers: Podcasters as a case study
Advisor: Prof. Oren Meyers & Dr. Roei Davidson

Miranda Shemesh

Sociology of sleep, family, childhood and parenting 
PhD Research: A sociological study of sleep in families with young children in Israel
Advisor: Dr. Dana Zarhin

Shani Zohar  

"Mindfulness-SOS for Refugees," mindfulness, mHealth, forcibly displaced people, adaptive interventions, refugee mental health, intergenerational transmission of stress and trauma
PhD Research: Testing and optimizing the therapeutic outcomes of a mindfulness-based mobile health intervention for displaced populations using a sequential multiple assignment randomized trial (SMART)
Advisor: Prof. Amit Bernstein

Third Year Members

Noga Aviad

Mindfulness mechanisms, large-scale brain networks, data science, complex and dynamic systems
PhD Research: Using network approach to discover systemic motifs in mindfulness mechanisms
Advisor: Prof. Amit Bernstein 

Noa Birman

Political Science
Behavioral public administration, competence-based organizations, paradoxical thinking, sustainable organizations
PhD Research: Can organizational paradoxical mindset be used to foster public organizations' ability to attain sustainability? 
Advisor: Prof. Dana Vashdi 

Gili Goldin

Computer Science 
NLP (Natural Language Processing), machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence
Phd Research: Factuality and detection of "fake'' information in Hebrew texts
Advisor: Prof. Shuly Wintner 

Felix Tener 

Information Systems
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience (UX)
PhD Research: Investigate and design novel user interfaces for teleoperation of autonomous vehicles
Advisor: Prof. Joel Lanir 

Second Year Members

Ofek Edri Peer

Political Science
Street-Level bureaucracy,  social policy,  policing vulnerable populations
PhD Research: Factors encouraging street-level bureaucrats to influence policy outcomes beyond their professional jurisdiction
Advisor: Prof. Nissim Cohen

Aial Sobeh

Social neuroscience, neuroeconomics, collective behavior 
PhD Research: Multi-Brain dynamics underlying social interactions and collective decision-making
Advisor: Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory 

Giulia Dal Bello

Political Science
Political psychology, cyber terrorism, cyber policy
Phd Research: Psychological effects of exposure to cyber threats and public support for digital surveillance
Advisor: Prof. Daphna Canetti 

Rika Aviv

Behavioral neuroscience, electrophysiology, optogenetics
PhD Research: The role of nigrostriatal and mesolimbic pathways in the learning of motor-causal-effect relations ('agency') in mice
Advisor: Prof. Baruch Eitam & Dr. Oded Klavir 

Dalal Ghattas

"Mindfulness-SOS for Refugees," intergenerational transmission of stress and trauma (via parenting, refugee mental health)
PhD Research: Testing the therapeutic effects of mindfulness and compassion-based intervention on individual mental health, domestic and intimate partner violence, and inter-generational transmission of trauma and stress to children (via parenting), in Syrian refugees.
Advisor: Prof. Amit Bernstein 

First Year Members

Elizaveta Morozan

Information Systems
Process Mining and Cognitive Science.
PhD Research: Supporting Cognitive Processes during the Process of Process Mining.
Advisor: Prof. Pnina Soffer and Prof. Irit Hadar.

Liann Haham

Pediatric anxiety, fear-learning processes, psychopathology
PhD Research: Naturalistic anxiety-provoking experiences during adolescence: An Ecological Momentary Assessment study in a clinical sample
Advisor: Prof. Tomer Shechner

Nitsan Bar-Shmuel

School of Environmental Sciences
Phd Research: Citizen science and classical ecology for deciphering mushroom community structure
Advisor: Prof. Dan Malkinson and Dr. Tamir Klein

Michael M. Mathenge

School of Environmental Sciences
PhD Research: Regenerative Agriculture in almond orchards, Effect of cover crops on Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) sequestration in soil, Soil Spectroscopy
Advisor: Prof. Anna Brook, Dr. Ran Lati

Ashwaq Mondey

Political Science
Local Governance, Network Management and Leadership, Network Effectiveness, Sense of Place, Local Authorities, Ethnic Minorities
PhD Research: The relationship between sense of place, network leadership, and network effectiveness in local collaborative networks of ethnic minorities.
Advisor: Prof. Itai Beeri


Gilad Halpern

Media history, political communication, media systems research, government-press relations
PhD Research: For King and Country: The Palestine Post and Zionist propaganda in Mandatory Palestine 

Maria Polinova

Geography and Environmental Studies
Remote sensing, spectroscopy, photogrammetry, UAV’s, environmental monitoring, agriculture, wildfires
PhD Research: Assessing vegetation characteristics as a factor of wildfire spreading across the urban area

Ami Ritter

Behavioral neuroscience, electrophysiology, optogenetics
Phd Research: Assessing the neural network which underlies post traumatic stress disorder

Ryan Shandler 

Political Science
Political psychology, cyber-terrorism, cyber policy
PhD Research: The political and psychological effects of exposure to cyber threats 

Talia Goren 

Political Science
Public opinion, political responsiveness, political participation and engagement, social media
PhD Research: Public compliance and policy tools' effectiveness during crisis 

Orit Heimer

Emotion, cognition interaction 
PhD Research: Short and long-term influences on the temporal dynamics of the valence representations of a stimulus 

Eran Lambooij

Computer Science
Cryptanalysis, (symmetric) cryptography 
PhD Research: Design and analysis of cryptographic systems: Focusing on the analysis of lightweight symmetric cryptographic primitives 

Brenda Sbarski

PTSD, endocannabinoid system, HPA axis
PhD Research: Endocannabinoids modulation of the stress response system in a rat model of PTSD 

Alisa Kanterman 

Social and affective neuropsychology, motivational mechanisms, psychopathology
PhD Research: Neural underpinnings of social motivation in loneliness 
Advisor: Prof. Simon Shamay-Tsoory 

Ronen Shehman

Influence of stereotypes & biases on sentencing: gender and socioeconomic status, Cyber crime, Criminological theory, Criminal law
PhD Research: Socioeconomic biases and their influence on sentencing disparities
Advisor: Prof. Avital Mentovich & Prof. Orna Rabinovich-Eini 

Lara Mertens

Digitally-enabled sociality, religion, questions of being (ontology), reflexivity
PhD Research:  Sociality of online experience platforms (COVID-19 and beyond)
Advisor: Prof. Nurit Bird-David

Efrat Mishor

Political Science
Risk management in emergency, risk perception, citizen trust in government, cost-benefit calculation for collective action, civic engagement in emergency, social capital
PhD Research: Factors and dynamics affecting civic engagement in emergency 
Advisor: Prof. Eran Vigoda-Gadot & Prof. Shlomo Mizrachi