General Information

IDIT courses, discussions, workshops, training, and program initiatives: at least one day a week must be dedicated throughout the 4-year program (these activities will generally take place on Wednesdays).

Face-to-face IDIT group meetings: these meetings will be held once a week on Wednesdays - attendance is mandatory during 4 years in the program 

Doctoral research: IDIT students are expected to dedicate most of their time to the advancement of their doctoral research (at least two full days a week throughout the year) during 4 years in the program.

Teamwork: a guiding principle in the program

IDIT students are asked to follow the vision of the Faculty of Social Sciences (as announced on the faculty website

Additional activities: Since IDIT PhD students are registered in departments and schools of the faculty, additional obligations such as courses, workshops, etc. may apply and must be coordinated in the laboratory, department/school.